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Best Practices for Veeam Backup & Replication 7.0 for VMware

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Backup Copy Job Setup

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To automate your 3-2-1 backup workflow, you can configure a Backup Copy job and then add it as a secondary target to the backup job. This section describes some configuration tips for Backup Copy jobs.


First, you should set up how often your Backup Copy job should copy the backup data. Data transfer efficiency depends on your network usage, especially if data is communicated to the offsite location over a slow link, so it is reasonable to schedule Copy every interval start to the off-peak hours.


In the Restore points to keep field, specify the number of restore points that should be retained on the target backup repository. When this number is exceeded, the earliest restore point will be removed from the backup chain. To learn more, see Retention Policy for Backup Copy Jobs.


Minimal retention policy that can be set to backup copy job is 2.

WAN Accelerators

If you are using WAN accelerators for backup copy job, consider that when configuring firewall, IDS, or antivirus, the following ports may need to be opened on source and target servers for the use of the WAN Accelerator in addition to TCP 6165:

a)TCP 6160

b)TCP 6164

Table of contents