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Best Practices for Veeam Backup & Replication 7.0 for VMware

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Backup Copy Process Phases

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By design, a Backup Copy job is a continuous process that runs permanently, including several stages.

The start time for the job's most active stage - data transfer (synchronization) - is set up in the Job step of the Backup Copy Job wizard (default is 12:00 AM every day). So, the job has the following phases:


1.Data transfer (synchronization) phase - during this phase, Backup Copy ob checks for a new restore point on source, creates a file for new restore point on target, and starts copying the most recent restore point of each processed VM to the target repository. The data transfer (synchronization) phase starts at a specific time configured in the job properties (see You can define any interval needed in minutes, in hours, in days. Moreover, you can specify the time slot during which data can and cannot be transferred over the network, thus regulating network usage (see

2.Transform phase — you can configure Veeam Backup to can perform a number of additional transform operations on the target backup repository: transforming a backup chain, removing deleted VMs from restore points, compacting a full backup file. The transform phase begins after all restore points are copied to target.


Consider that the transform process itself puts some additional pressure on the target repository. In larger environments or for large Backup Copy jobs, the transform process can take a significant amount of time. For each block in the first incremental point in the Backup Copy job chain, there will be 1x read and 1x write I/O. For example, 8 disk NAS in RAID5, 100 GB of daily change thus may (in the worst case) take around three hours.

Also, in the properties of the Backup Copy job, you can select to perform post-job activities, such as execution of custom scripts or sending job results by email. Post-job activities are performed after all transform operations are completed.

3.Idle phase — for the most time, the backup copy job remains in the Idle state, waiting for a new restore point to appear on the source backup repository. When a new synchronization phase starts, as specified by Copy every setting of the job, steps 1-3 are repeated.

For more information, please refer to the Backup Copy Job section of the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.


Again, the synchronization interval defines how frequently the backup copy job must copy VM restore point from source to target location. For instance, if you select "Copy every 7 days", there will be one restore point created on target by backup copy job per week.

Table of contents