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Best Practices for Veeam Backup & Replication 7.0 for VMware

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Veeam Backup Server

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Veeam backup server is the center of the Veeam Backup & Replication architecture. It is here that all backup jobs are defined, managed, and monitored; the scheduler then executes these jobs, communicating with vCenter, taking snapshots, allocating proxies and repositories and monitoring job progress.

The typical workflow of a backup job is as follows:

1.Scheduler starts Job Manager processes based on each job’s configured schedule.

2.Job Manager connects to vCenter server to enumerate objects in the job and places them in the job in the order specified during the Job creation wizard.

3.Job Manager verifies repository availability, discovering whether it is online, and concurrent process limit is not reached.

4.Job Manager selects for object for processing and chooses the most efficient proxy available, taking into account factors such as processing mode, proximity to data, and current load.

5.Job Manager assigns the VM backup to a proxy and performs the required steps such as application-aware processing, snapshot creation, hot-add processing, and others.

6.Job Manager assigns any session-specific settings, such as bandwidth throttling, and instructs proxies to begin the data transfer.

If parallel processing is turned on, several VMs (or multiple VM disks) can be processed simultaneously, taking into account the concurrent task limit (specified in repository settings). Alternatively, VMs (disks) are processed one after another, starting over at step 4. For more information on parallel processing, see the section below.

7.After the last object in the job is processed, the Job Manager gathers all backup information and global job statistics, and exits.

Guidelines for sizing and configuring your Veeam backup server will be provided in the Sizing Veeam Backup Server section later in this document.

Table of contents