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Best Practices for Veeam Backup & Replication 7.0 for VMware

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Physical or Virtual?

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Veeam Backup & Replication supports the ability to be deployed as a fully virtual solution, a fully physical solution, or a hybrid of those two. When it comes to choosing a proper deployment architecture, the decision on using physical or virtual proxies can be one of the more debated issues. Deciding between a physical and virtual deployment is really about understanding your priorities and available resources. In many cases, a mix of strategies may make sense. This section will highlight certain considerations for both possible options.



Physical server

Provides best throughput, especially when using direct SAN access for FC and iSCSI storage

Requires investment in additional hardware

Multi-core processors can run more simultaneous tasks meaning less proxies to manage

Requires more complex storage setup for direct SAN access and ongoing configuration as storage environment evolves

No added CPU load on virtual infrastructure

Provides limited advantages for NFS environments

Easier and more robust recovery from catastrophic failures involving failed virtual infrastructure

Cannot perform restores via SAN, thus restores fall back to NBD mode (can deploy a single virtual proxy for restores).

Target storage can be attached directly to physical servers providing direct disk-to-disk or SAN only backups.

Virtual server

Can use existing virtual machines

Multiple proxies in the infrastructure can have an impact on host resources

Leverages existing infrastructure

Generally requires more proxies to achieve the same throughput as physical

Requires no additional hardware

Target storage typically must be accessed via network, which can be a potential bottleneck

Generally the highest performance option for NAS and DAS datastores

Simpler setup and configuration

A physical proxy might be ideal for backing up a production cluster with lots of storage, while virtual proxies may be more appropriate for development clusters, remote offices, or smaller special purpose environment within your infrastructure.

With the distributed model of Veeam Backup and Replication, you are free to build your backup infrastructure fully virtual, fully physical, or any combination that you see fit while still providing full protection to your environment.

Table of contents