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Step 6. Specify Archiving Options

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At the Options step of the wizard, specify archiving and media automation options:

1.Select the Use Microsoft volume shadow copy check box to enable backup of files with the help of Microsoft shadow volume copies. This option enables backup of files locked by application and provides file-level quiescence. This possibility can only be applied for files from servers running under Windows XP or later Windows-family OSs.
2.Select the Use hardware compression if available check box if the tape drive should compress file data before archiving it to tape.



Enable the hardware compression only if your tape library provides support for hardware compression.

3.Select the Eject media once the job finishes check box if upon job completion, the tape should be automatically ejected from the tape drive and placed into a slot.
4.Select the Export current media set once the job finishes check box if upon job completion the tapes belonging to the media set should be placed to Import/Export (Mail) slot for further export (for example, for export to a remote office). If you want to export tapes on specific days only (for example, every Saturday, when a backup to tape job completes), click Days and schedule export on the necessary days).


Table of contents