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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0
Backup and Restore of SQL Server Databases

Restoring a Database to State Before Selected Transaction

This scenario offers the greatest granularity of the database recovery: you can select the undesired operation from the list of database operations (available for the time period you have specified) – for example, user deletion. The database will be restored to the state prior to the transaction containing the specified operation, using log replay on target server.

A list of SQL database operations and their display names as presented to user for selection when fine-tuning database restore is provided in the here.

Restoring a Database to State Before Selected Transaction Note:

This restore scenario can be implemented only using Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server – Enterprise Manager does not support restore to the state before transaction

To implement such a scenario, check the following:

  1. SQL Server transaction logging is enabled - logging and recovery model must be set to Full or Bulk-logged.
  2. Transaction log handling in the SQL Server VM backup job settings had been configured to keep log backups: the Backup logs option was selected.
  3. You have SQL Server application-aware backup created successfully.
  4. All nodes of the same AlwaysOn Availability Group (if applicable) are located in the same time zone.

Then follow the instructions provided in the Restoring a Database to Specific Transaction section of Veeam Explorers document.

Restoring a Database to State Before Selected Transaction Note:

Under certain circumstances, restore to the state before selected transaction may fail with the “The specified STOPAT time is too early” error when the restore is performed from secondary node of AlwaysOn availability group. As a workaround, perform restore from the primary node.

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