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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0
Backup and Restore of SQL Server Databases


To prevent a backup job from overlapping with production hours and ensure it does not provide unwanted overhead on your virtual environment, you can schedule SQL Server VM backup to run during off-peak hours, or configure a specific backup window -a period of time on week days when backup jobs are permitted to run. If the job exceeds the allowed window, it will be automatically terminated.

With a scheduled SQL Server VM backup job, transaction log backup job runs permanently in background. By default, logs are backed up to repository every 15 minutes. You can modify this setting on the SQL tab:


Consider the following when you set up log backup interval:

  • Log processing for a database will not start until the last log for the previously processed database has been moved away from the VM guest OS.
  • It is recommended to set up log backup frequency with respect to actual time required to transfer log data to repository. Otherwise, you will be getting an error message in the job session data, and SLA misses will be also reported in job statistics. For example, if you set up the job to backup logs every 5 minutes, but actually the process takes 15 minutes, the SLA will be missed 2 times.
  • You can also use network and repository traffic throttling capabilities.
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