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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0
Backup and Restore of SQL Server Databases

Viewing Job Information

You can view summary information on the latest SQL Server VM and transaction log backup sessions under the Last 24 hours node in the Backup & Replication view.

Information on all sessions of both jobs is available in the History view, with the Jobs > Backup node selected in the tree on the left.

Information is presented in the following way:

  • SQL Server VM image-level backup (parent job) sessions are displayed with the <job_name> as Job Name and Backup as Session Type.
  • Database transaction log backup (child job) sessions are displayed with the <job_name> SQL Backup as Job Name and SQL Log Backup as Session Type.

In the Backup & Replication view, you can view summary information on the image-level and log backups created by these jobs: for that, select the Backups node in the navigation tree, and expand the parent job in the working area on the right:

Viewing Job Information 

Under the job node, you can find information on the Transaction log backup, including:

  • The last backup creation time
  • The number of restore points for transaction log of all SQL Servers for which the logs were backed up by this job
  • Destination repository where log backups were stored
  • SQL Server (as the Platform of the job)

You can also view statistics and reports separately for image-level and log backup jobs. To see the latest session data, use the Backup & Replication view, and under the Jobs node select the SQL Server backup job you need.

  • To view SQL Server VM backup session data, select Backup Statistics from the job’s shortcut menu, or Statistics from the ribbon menu.
  • To view SQL transaction log backup session data, select SQL Statistics from the job’s shortcut menu, or from the ribbon menu.

To examine previous sessions, use the History view, select the necessary job and click Statistics on the ribbon. Detailed description of statistics information is provided in the Appendix.

Viewing Job Information Tip:

If you have Veeam ONE deployed in your environment, you can also generate the “SQL Backup Job Historical Information” report described at

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