WPAR Backup

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    You can use Veeam Agent for IBM AIX to back up data pertaining to individual WPARs configured in the IBM AIX OS. Veeam Agent offers two scenarios for WPAR backup:

    • Scenario 1: backup from the LPAR

    You can install Veeam Agent in the LPAR and include in the backup directories with files pertaining to a WPAR whose data you want to back up. It is not required to stop the backed-up WPAR before the backup process starts. To ensure consistency of the backed-up data, you can use custom scripts, for example, to stop and start a database during backup. To learn more about custom scripts, see Backup Job Scripts.

    In this scenario, to allow the product to back up a WPAR, the root account must have access to the file system of the WPAR. In the opposite case, consider following the scenario 2.

    • Scenario 2: backup from a WPAR

    You can install Veeam Agent in the WPAR whose data you want to back up and specify which files and directories to back up in the same way as in case you back up data of the LPAR.

    Note that you must install the product license in each Veeam Agent installed in each WPAR.