Snapshot-Less File-Level Backup

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    You can set up Veeam Agent for Linux to create file-level backup in the snapshot-less mode. This allows you to back up data that resides in any file system mounted to the root file system of the Veeam Agent computer. For example, you can use the snapshot-less mode to back up data that resides in a file system that is not supported for snapshot-based backup with Veeam Agent, such as UFS, ZFS, GFS, GFS2 or OCFS2. You can also use it to back up data that resides in an NFS or CIFS network shared folder.

    To create backups in the snapshot-less mode, you must enable this mode in the properties of the file-level backup job. To learn more, see Creating Backup Jobs.

    In the snapshot-less mode, Veeam Agent does not create a snapshot of the backed-up volume. Instead, when the backup process starts, Veeam Agent reads files and directories that you selected to back up, and copies backed-up data to the target location.

    Snapshot-Less File-Level Backup IMPORTANT

    During backup in the snapshot-less mode, Veeam Agent does not track whether files and directories have changed in their original location since the time when the backup process started. To make sure that data in the backup is in the consistent state, you must not perform write operations in the file system that contains the backed-up data until the backup process completes.


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