Creating Managed Backup Job

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    To back up files and directories of your machine, you must configure a backup policy in the Veeam Backup & Replication console. The backup policy settings define what data to back up as well as where and how to back up data.

    To learn more about backup policy configuration, see the Creating Agent Backup Policy for Mac Computers section in the Veeam Agent Management Guide.

    You can configure one or several backup policies to back up your data. Configuring several backup policies may be useful in the following situations:

    • You can configure backup policies targeted at different backup repositories to keep several copies of your backed-up data at different locations.
    • You can configure several backup policies and define individual schedule for every policy to back up necessary data at the desired time.

    Alternatively, you can configure a standalone backup job on the Veeam Agent computer side. To do this, use the command line interface.