Veeam Agent for Mac Control Panel

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    Veeam Agent control panel is a GUI-like user interface that lets users perform main backup and restore tasks in an easy way. With Veeam Agent control panel, you do not need to work with the Terminal application and remember numerous commands. However, some advanced Veeam Agent operations are not supported by the control panel and can be performed with the command line interface only.

    To launch the Veeam Agent control panel, go to Launchpad and click the Veeam Agent for Mac icon.

    When you launch the Veeam Agent control panel for the first time, Veeam Agent offers you to grant Veeam Agent full access to the computer disk. To learn more, see Granting Full Disk Access.

    After you perform initial product setup, you can use the Veeam Agent control panel to perform the following operations:

    After you import one or several backup policies, you can also use the control panel to start a backup policy.