Creating Agent Backup Policy for Mac Computers

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    To back up data of a computer protected with Veeam Agent for Mac, you must configure a Veeam Agent backup policy in Veeam Backup & Replication.

    Before configuring a backup policy, check prerequisites. Then use the New Agent Backup Job wizard to define settings for the backup policy.

    1. Launch the New Agent Backup Job wizard.
    2. Select the type of protected computers.
    3. Specify policy name and description.
    4. Select computers to back up.
    5. Select backup mode.
    6. Specify backup scope.
    7. Select backup destination.
    8. Specify backup storage settings.
    9. Specify advanced backup settings.
    10. Specify secondary backup target.
    11. Specify the backup schedule.
    12. Review backup policy settings.