Data Recovery

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    Veeam Backup for AWS offers the following recovery options for various disaster recovery scenarios:

    Restore entire EC2 instances from cloud-native snapshots or image-level backups.

    Restore entire RDS instances from cloud-native snapshots.

    Restore entire EFS file system from cloud-native backups.

    Restore files and folders from EFS file system backups.

    Restore entire VPC configuration.

    Immediately restore EC2 instances to VMware vSphere or Hyper-V environment.

    Restore EC2 instances from backups to Microsoft Azure.

    Restore EC2 instances from backups to Nutanix AHV clusters.

    Restore EC2 instances from backups to Google Compute Engine.

    Recover individual guest OS files from Windows or Linux file systems.

    Restore disks of EC2 instances from backups created by Veeam Backup for AWS and convert them to disks in the VMDK, VHD or VHDX format.

    Restore application items (Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft SQL Server).