Configuring Security Settings

Updating Security Certificate

This certificate is needed to establish secure communication with the Enterprise Manager website using HTTPS. You can specify path to existing certificate or generate a new self-signed certificate during Enterprise Manager installation. In case of installing on the same machine with Enterprise Manager, this certificate will be also used by Veeam plug-in for vSphere Web Client and RestAPI client to receive data using HTTPS protocol.

If you need to update security certificate, consider that:

  • To update Enterprise Manager certificate, you can use Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. For more information, see this Microsoft Docs article.
  • For RestAPI, certificate should be updated using the netsh command. For more information, see the Updating SSL Certificate section of the Veeam RESTful API Reference.

Configuring User Roles

You should also assign security roles to users who will be working with the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager web portal.

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