Restore Procedure

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    To restore a Microsoft Exchange item to the production Exchange Server:

    1. Sign in to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager using an account with the sufficient permissions. For more information, see Providing Access Rights.
    2. Open the Items tab, then click Mailbox Items.
    1. In the Username field, enter the account of Active Directory user whose mailbox will be restored. You can leave the Username field empty and click the search icon to display all mailboxes that currently exist in the production environment, or enter a search criteria. Enterprise Manager uses Global Catalog to examine Active Directory database and find the specified user mailbox, as well as the DNS name for the Exchange Server where the data should be restored. Then it looks for the VM backup or replica and its restore points.
    1. In the Restore point field, select a restore point.


    Consider the following:

    • Restore points on tape are not supported (only those stored in repository can be used).
    • Restore to another domain is supported within the same forest only.
    1. In the Items section, select the type of item you want to restore:
    • Mail
    • Calendar
    • Contacts

    You can select to Only restore missing items created or received during the certain time period. To specify the period, use the drop-down list.

    1. Click the Restore button. Items that meet specified conditions will be restored to the production Exchange Server.

    To view item restore session information, click History.


    Consider the following:

    • You can use Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager to restore deleted items to the production mailbox only.
    • If the specified mailbox does not exist in the machine restore point that you selected for restore, Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager will display an error message.

    Restoring Microsoft Exchange Items