Restore Procedure

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    To restore a database item:

    1. Sign in to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager using an account with the sufficient permissions. For more information, see Providing Access Rights.
    2. Go to the Items tab and click Oracle Database.
    1. Enter the name of Oracle server hosting the database you need to restore. Alternatively, click the Pick from List link to select from the list of available Oracle server machine backups.
    2. Select Oracle home and the database you need. Consider that user credentials for carrying out the restore procedure will be picked as follows:
    1. Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager will try to use the account of the backup job that contains the Oracle server machine, or the account which is currently logged in.
    2. If this account does not have sufficient rights to perform the restore procedure (for example, in case of imported backup), you will be prompted to supply the necessary credentials. Make sure the account has access to the original machine guest OS (Windows or Linux); if restoring an Oracle 12 Database on Windows server, then you may need to enter password for Oracle home.


    The security role specified for this account in Enterprise Manager must allow the user to restore Oracle databases. For more information, see Providing Access Rights.

    1. Perform restore following the required scenario. For information on the possible restore scenarios, see Scenario 1: 1-Click Restore to Original Location and Scenario 2: Restore with Custom Settings.

    To view restore session log, click History.

    Restoring Oracle Databases

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