What's New in Version 11

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    Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager 11 introduces the following new features and enhancements.

    Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

    Now Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager lets you manage CDP policies that have been created on backup servers added to the Enterprise Manager infrastructure. Depending on the account role, you can view, edit, enable and disable CDP policies. For replicated VMs, you can start failover. For more information, see Managing CDP Policies and Performing Failover.

    VMware vCloud Director Replication

    In Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager, you can manage vCD replication jobs as well as start failover for replicated vApps. For more information, see Managing Jobs and Performing Failover.

    Multiple Repositories for vCD Organizations

    Now you can add multiple repositories for each vCD organization. It allows tenants to select which backup repository to use for their backup jobs. For more information, see Managing Configurations for vCD Organizations.

    Veeam Plug-in for VMware vCloud Director

    Veeam Plug-in for VMware vCloud Director allows members of vCD organizations to manage their vCD jobs and restore VMs, files and application items in the native vCD interface. Users get access to the portal features by logging in to the vCloud Director Service Provider Tenant Portal under their vCD credentials.


    Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager 11 is available in the following languages:

    • Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Spanish

    You can select a preferred language on the login page. If the language you need is not available, you can add it. Localization is based on the GNU gettext tools, and English strings are used as message IDs. For more information, see Managing Languages.

    SAML Authentication for vSphere Self-Service Backup Portal

    In version 11, you can configure SAML authentication for vSphere Self-Service Backup Portal. Both the External User and External Group are supported. In case of SAML authentication, you can configure the delegation mode based on vSphere tags only. For more information, see SAML Authentication Support.