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Creating Configuration Backups

When you perform configuration backup, Veeam Backup Free Edition retrieves data for the backup server from the configuration database, writes this data into a set of XML files and archives these XML files to a backup file of the BCO format.

Veeam Backup Free Edition exports information about the following objects:

  • Backup infrastructure components and objects: hosts, servers, global settings configured on the backup server and so on.
  • Sessions: job sessions performed on the backup server.
  • Tapes: tape libraries connected to the backup server.

Configuration backup is job-driven. You can schedule it to run regularly or start it manually. You can choose a location in which the configuration backup must be stored and specify the necessary retention settings.

Creating Configuration Backups Note:

The configuration backup job creates a snapshot of the configuration database and retrieves data required for successful restore from it. If the database size is large, the job may produce significant load on the Microsoft SQL Server. Make sure that you schedule the configuration backup job for a period of low operation intensity on the backup server.

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