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Managing Locations

To control data migration in the virtual infrastructure, Veeam Backup Free Edition introduces a notion of location. A location defines a geographical region, or country, in which an infrastructure object resides. You can create a list of locations, and assign to backup infrastructure objects information about locations to which they belong.

Veeam Backup Free Edition allows you to assign information about locations to the following infrastructure objects: vCenter Servers, datacenters, clusters, VMware vSphere hosts, SCVMM, clusters and Microsoft Hyper-V hosts.

Information about infrastructure objects location is stored in the Veeam Backup Free Edition configuration database. When VM data in the virtual infrastructure migrate from one location to another, Veeam Backup Free Edition displays a warning and stores a record about data migration to task session details. In addition to it, Veeam Backup Free Edition logs this information to Microsoft Windows event logs.

Managing Locations 

In Veeam Backup Free Edition, information about VM data migration is displayed for the following tasks:

  • Quick migration — Veeam Backup Free Edition compares the location of the source host on which VMs are registered with the location of the target host.
  • Entire VM restore tasks — Veeam Backup Free Edition compares the location of the source host on which the VM was registered at the moment of VeeamZIP file creation with the location of the target host to which the VM is restored.

Limitations for Locations

For SureReplica jobs, Veeam Backup Free Edition does not compare information about source and target hosts location.

Veeam Backup Free Edition does not display a warning about VM data migration for file copy jobs.

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