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Veeam Backup Free Edition 9.5
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Specifying Data Processing Settings

You can select the data processing mode for VM disks in jobs (parallel or sequential).

Mind the following:

To specify data processing settings:

  1. From the main menu, select General Options.
  2. Click the I/O Control tab.
  3. By default, Veeam Backup Free Edition uses the parallel data processing mode for VM disks. To disable parallel processing, clear the Enable parallel processing check box. In this case, Veeam Backup Free Edition will process VM disks sequentially, one by one.

    Specifying Data Processing Settings Note:

    If you enable the storage control latency option, Veeam Backup Free Edition starts processing VM disks residing on the same datastore with a 40-60 second time offset. This offset helps Veeam Backup Free Edition evaluate the current I/O load on the datastore. For example, if you launch a job processing a VM with two disks, Veeam Backup Free Edition will start processing the first VM disk, wait for 40-60 seconds to evaluate the I/O workload on the datastore, and then start processing the second VM disk.

    Keep in mind this behavior. If you schedule jobs that process multiple VM disks residing on the same datastore to start at the same time, the jobs performance will degrade.

    Specifying Data Processing Settings 


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