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Step 4. Select Subscription and Location

At the Subscription step of the wizard, you must select a subscription, location for the restored machine and define how machine data must be transported to Microsoft Azure.

  1. From the Subscription list, select a subscription whose resources you want to use. The subscription list contains all subscriptions associated with the user account(s) that you have added to Veeam Backup Free Edition.
  2. From the Locations list, select a geographic region to which you want to place the restored machine. Make sure that you select a geographic region with which at least one storage account of the subscription(s) is associated.
  3. If you are restoring the machine to a distant location and want to speed up the restore process, select the Use Azure proxy VM check box. From the Proxy VM list, select a Microsoft Azure proxy.

It is recommended that you configure the Azure proxy in the same location to which you plan to restore the machine. For more information, see Configuring Azure Proxies.

Step 4. Select Subscription and Location Important!

[For restore of Linux machines] You must have a pre-configured helper appliance in the location to which you are restoring a Linux machine. If the appliance is not configured yet, Veeam Backup Free Edition will display the Initial Configuration wizard so that you can configure the appliance in the selected location.

Step 4. Select Subscription and Location 

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