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Step 6. Select VM Size

At the VM size step of the wizard, you can select the size for the Azure proxy and specify what storage account you want to use to deploy the Azure proxy.

  1. From the Size list, select the size for the Azure proxy.

By default, Veeam Backup Free Edition selects the Basic_A2 size for the Resource Manager deployment model and the Medium size for the Classic deployment model. This size is typically sufficient to transport VM disks data to blob storage. If necessary, you can select a greater size for the Azure proxy.

  1. From the Storage account list, select a storage account whose resources you want to use to store disks of the Azure proxy. The storage account must be compatible with the VM size you select.

If you choose to configure the Azure proxy in the Resource Manager deployment model, the list of storage accounts will contain only general purpose storage accounts. Blob storage accounts will not be displayed in the list of subscriptions. For more information about account types, see

Step 6. Select VM Size Tip:

Microsoft Azure subscriptions have default limits on the number of CPU cores. Make sure that the VM size you select does not exceed limits of the subscription.

Step 6. Select VM Size 

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