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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4
PowerShell Reference

Configuring Cloud Connect Infrastructure as a Service Provider

As a service provider, you need to set up a cloud connect backup infrastructure and set user accounts.

To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a cloud gateway with Add-VBRCloudGateway. To do this, you need to assign the cloud gateway role to a Microsoft Windows server or to the Veeam backup server itself.
  2. [Optional] Configure a target WAN accelerator by running Add-VBRWANAccelerator.
  3. Create user accounts:
  1. Run New-VBRCloudTenantResource to create a VBRCloudTenantResource object containing user quota.
  2. Pass this object to Add-VBRCloudTenant to create a cloud user account and apply the quota to it.

The following example demonstrates how to configure a cloud gateway and two user accounts. The cloud gateway is connected directly to the Internet. The user accounts use a common WAN accelerator and backup repository and have different quotas.

// Create cloud gateway:

$server = Get-VBRServer -Type Windows -Name "WinServer01"

Add-VBRCloudGateway -Server $server -Description "Omega cloud gateway" -IpAddress "" -IncomingPort 6260 -NetworkMode Direct


// Create a WAN accelerator:

Get-VBRLocalhost | Add-VBRWANAccelerator -Description "Omega Cloud WAN" -CachePath "c:\WAN" -CacheSize 100 -CacheSizeUnit GB


// Set cloud user account quotas. You will need a backup repository and a WAN accelerator.

$repo = Get-VBRBackupRepository -Name "Omega Repository"

$wan = Get-VBRWANAccelerator -Name "Omega Cloud WAN"

$golden = New-VBRCloudTenantResource -Repository $repo -RepositoryFriendlyName "Golden Tier Repository 01" -Quota 100 -EnableWanAccelerator -WanAccelerator $wan

$standard = New-VBRCloudTenantResource -Repository $repo -RepositoryFriendlyName "Standard Tier Repository 01" -Quota 10 -EnableWanAccelerator -WanAccelerator $wan


// Create the user accounts:

Add-VBRCloudTenant -Name "ABC Company" -Description "Golden tier account for ABC company" -EnableLeaseExpiration -LeaseExpirationDate "12/30/2018" -Password "Pass111" -Resources $golden

Add-VBRCloudTenant -Name "XYZ Company" -Description "Standard tier account for XYZ company" -EnableLeaseExpiration -LeaseExpirationDate "12/30/2015" -Password "Pass222" -Resources $standard

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