Creating VMware Backup Job

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    This example shows how to create a VMware backup job for a CRM database server, then add another CRM database server to this job and set the additional options.

    You will need to perform the following steps:

    1. Create the backup job by running Add-VBRViBackupJob. You will need to get the VM that you will add to the job and the backup repository to store its backups. Use Find-VBRViEntity and Get-VBRBackupRepository.
    2. If you want to add another VM to the created job, get the job with Get-VBRJob and run Add-VBRViJobObject.
    3. Configure a schedule with Set-VBRJobSchedule and apply it to the job. Remember to enable the schedule with Enable-VBRJobSchedule.
    4. Add advanced job options: schedule a synthetic and an active full backup with Set-VBRJobAdvancedBackupOptions.

    # Create a backup job:

    $crm = Find-VBRViEntity -Name "CRMdb_01"

    $repository = Get-VBRBackupRepository -Name

    Add-VBRViBackupJob -Name "CRM Backup" -Entity $crm -BackupRepository $repository


    # Add another VM to the job:

    $crmjob = Get-VBRJob -Name "CRM Backup"

    Find-VBRViEntity -Name "CRMdb_02" | Add-VBRViJobObject -Job $crmjob


    # Configure job schedule and enable it:

    Get-VBRJob -Name "CRM Backup" | Set-VBRJobSchedule -Daily -At "21:00" -DailyKind Weekdays | Enable-VBRJobSchedule


    # Set synthetic full and active full schedule:

    Get-VBRJob -Name "CRM Backup" | Set-VBRJobAdvancedBackupOptions -TransformFullToSyntethic -TransformIncrementsToSyntethic -TransformToSyntethicDays Sunday -EnableFullBackup -FullBackupScheduleKind Monthly -DayNumberInMonth Last -FullBackupDays Sunday