How to Assign TLS Certificate to Service Provider

Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure uses TLS certificates to secure the connection between a service provider and a tenant. TLS certificates must be imported to the Microsoft Windows Certificates store first. A service provider then sets up an TLS certificate on the service provider side by selecting the needed certificate from the store.


With Veeam PowerShell, you cannot create a self-signed certificate or import an TLS certificate from file in the PFX format. You can only select an existing TLS certificate from the Microsoft Windows Certificates store. The certificate must be imported into the certificate store beforehand.

To set up the TLS certificate on service provider side with PowerShell, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the TLS certificate from the Microsoft Windows Certificate store: run Get-VBRCloudGatewayCertificate and save the result to the $certificate variable.
  2. Assign the certificate to the service provider: run Add-VBRCloudGatewayCertificate with the $certificate variable.

$certificate = Get-VBRCloudGatewayCertificate -FromStore | Where FriendlyName -eq "Omega Company"

Add-VBRCloudGatewayCertificate -Certificate $certificate