How to Change Cloud Repository Name Displayed to Tenant

If you are a service provider, you can change the name of a cloud repository of your tenant. The cloud repository name is the name displayed in the list of backup repositories at the tenant’s side. To change the cloud repository name with PowerShell, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the tenant you want to modify: run Get-VBRCloudTenant and save the result to the $tenant variable.
  2. Get the tenant cloud repository quota: use the properties of the $tenant object to get the quotas assigned to this tenant. If the tenant has several quotas, select the quota with the cloud repository, whose name you want to change. Save the result to the $quota variable.
  3. Edit the name of the cloud repository in the quota settings: run Set-VBRCloudTenantResource with the $quota variable and specify the new repository name. Save the modified settings to the $newname variable.
  4. Apply the new settings to the tenant: run Set-VBRCloudTenant with the $tenant and $newname variables.

$tenant = Get-VBRCloudTenant -Name "ABC Company"

$quota = $tenant.resources[0]

$newname = Set-VBRCloudTenantResource -CloudTenantResource $quota -RepositoryFriendlyName “ABC Cloud Repository New Name”

Set-VBRCloudTenant -CloudTenant $tenant -Resource $newname