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How to Create Hyper-V Cloud Hardware Plan

If you are a service provider and you want to provide your tenants with the cloud host, you must create a hardware plan within Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure. The hardware plan is a set of resources allocated in the service provider’s virtualization environment for the tenants’ VM replicas.

Before creating a Hyper-V cloud hardware plan, make sure the following settings are made:

To create a Hyper-V cloud hardware plan with PowerShell, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the Hyper-V host where the tenants’ VM replicas will be registered:
  • For a standalone Hyper-V host run Get-VBRServer with Type parameter: HvServer.
  • For a Hyper-V cluster run Get-VBRServer with Type parameter: HvCluster.
  • Save the result to the $server variable.

How to Create Hyper-V Cloud Hardware Plan Note:

Standalone Hyper-V hosts that run Nano Server installations of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 OS cannot be used for configuring hardware plans.

The following types of Hyper-V clusters are not supported for exposing resources through hardware plans:

  • Clusters with server nodes that run Nano Server installations of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 OS.
  • Clusters with the Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade feature enabled.
  • Multi-domain and Workgroup Clusters.

  1. Create a Hyper-V cloud storage for tenants’ replication resources:
  • Run New-VBRHvCloudHWPlanDatastore.
  • Specify the path to the folder on the cloud provider host. This folder will serve as a storage for the tenants’ VM replication data.
  • Specify the friendly name of the data storage and the size of the disk space quota in GB. This amount of disk space will be available to the tenant under the hardware plan.
  • Save the result to the $cloudreplicas variable.
  1. Create the Hyper-V cloud hardware plan:
  • Run Add-VBRHvCloudHardwarePlan with the $server and $cloudreplicas variables.
  • Specify the hardware plan name, description, the limit of the CPU (GHz) and Memory (GB) resources that can be utilized by all VM replicas on the cloud host. If you want to grant unlimited resources, use the UnlimitedCPU and UnlimitedMemory parameters.
  • Specify the number of networks with and without internet access. These networks will be available for tenants’ VM replicas on the cloud host. The specified number of networks will be selected from the VLAN range which you set in VLAN configuration.

How to Create Hyper-V Cloud Hardware Plan Note:

The total number of networks available to the tenant on Hyper-V host cannot exceed 7.

$server = Get-VBRServer –Type HvServer -Name "Hyper-V Host"

$cloudreplicas = New-VBRHvCloudHWPlanDatastore -DatastorePath "D:\Replicas" -FriendlyName "Cloud Replicas" -Quota 500

Add-VBRHvCloudHardwarePlan -Name "Hyper-V Silver" -Description "Hyper-V Hardware Plan" -Server $server -Datastore $cloudreplicas -CPU 4000 -Memory 2000 -NumberOfNetWithoutInternet 1 -NumberOfNetWithInternet 1

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