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Working with Hyper-V Application Group

This example shows how to create an application group containing a DC server and the DNS server and perform other actions on it.

Create an application group

You will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Get the domain controller server and the DNS server and assign them to a variable. Because the DC server is first in the search, it will boot first. Run Find-VBRHvEntity for this.
  2. Create the application group with Add-VSBHvApplicationGroup using the created variable.

// Get the VMs:

PS C:\PS> $vms = Find-VBRHvEntity -Name "DC", "DNSServer"


// Create the application group:

PS C:\PS> Add-VSBHvApplicationGroup -Name "Production Application Group" -VmFromBackup $vms

Look for the application group

Run Get-VSBApplicationGroup to get the application group.

PS C:\PS> Get-VSBApplicationGroup -Name "Production Application Group"

Remove the application group

Run Remove-VSBApplicationGroup to remove the application group.

PS C:\PS> Get-VSBApplicationGroup -Name "Production Application Group"| Remove-VSBApplicationGroup

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