Performing Instant Recovery of a Hyper-V VM

This example shows the instant recovery of a Hyper-V VM that will be restored to another location and then migrated to the production site.

# Start the Instant Recovery:

$restorepoint = Get-VBRBackup -Name "Active Directory Backup" | Get-VBRRestorePoint | Sort-Object $_.creationtime -Descending | Select -First 1

$server02 = Get-VBRServer -Name "Hyper-V Host 02"

Start-VBRHvInstantRecovery -RestorePoint $restorepoint -Server $server02 -Path "C:\Redo" -PreserveVmID-PowerUp $TRUE


# Check the recovery session status:

$RecoveryAD = Get-VBRInstantRecovery

VM Name    Host       Status     Restore Point   Backup Name

-------    ----       ------     -------------   -----------

Active ... Hyper-...  Mounted    1/13/2015 ...   Active Dir...


# Migrate to production site:

Start-VBRHvInstantRecoveryMigration -InstantRecovery $RecoveryAD