Requirements and Limitations

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    CDP has a set of requirements and limitations.


    The following requirements apply to CDP:

    • CDP is included in the Veeam Universal License. When using a legacy socket-based license, the Enterprise Plus edition is required.
    • For supported platforms, see Platform Support.
    • For supported source and target datastores, see Veeam CDP Source and Target.
    • All hosts in a cluster must be of the same major version: 7.x or 6.x (6.5, or 6.7, or a combination of 6.5 and 6.7 is supported). In turn, all clusters managed by the same vCenter Server must also be of the same major version.
    • VMs on the same cluster must be protected with CDP only by one backup server.
    • The machine where the backup server resides must have at least 16 GB RAM.
    • VMs that you plan to protect must not have snapshots at the moment when the CDP policy starts for the first time.
    • Network between infrastructure components required for CDP must be minimum 1 Gbps. We recommend to use 10 Gbps or faster and MTU 9000.
    • If you enable VM encryption on VMware site, make sure that the Allow I/O filters before encryption parameter is set to True in the Default encryption properties storage policy component.
    • For VMware CDP proxy requirements, see VMware CDP Proxy.


    When planning to use CDP, mind the following limitations:

    • CDP works only for powered on VMs.
    • One VM can be processed only by one CDP policy. However, you can still process this VM with the snapshot-based replication but after the CDP policy successfully creates the first restore point.
    • VM replicas can be powered on only using the failover operation; manual power on is disabled.
    • On the target host, Veeam Backup & Replication does not allow to migrate VM replicas using VMware vSphere Storage vMotion. Note that host vMotion is supported.
    • Shared disks, physical RDM and SCSI bus sharing are not supported. Note that vRDM disks are supported.
    • Cisco HyperFlex is not supported as a source or target.
    • The maximum supported number of disks for one VM is 50. The maximum number of disks for one host is 500.
    • Data encryption rules do not apply to traffic between the ESXi host and VMware CDP proxy. For more information on the rules, see Enabling Data Encryption.

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