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Installing Veeam MP for VMware

You can install Veeam MP for VMware components using various installation scenarios. Three of the back-end components (VE Service, Veeam UI and Collector) can be installed on separate servers, or you can install all three components on one Management Server, and deploy additional Collector-only servers if required.

This section describes installation steps required for the most common scenarios:

  • Auto-deployment installation scenario is suitable for large environments with several Management Servers. It allows you to install Veeam MP for VMware back-end components on one Management Server and automatically distribute Collectors to other Management Servers.

For details, see Veeam MP for VMware Auto-Deployment.

  • Single-server installation scenario is the most suitable scenario for evaluation and proof of concept for Veeam MP for VMware. It allows you to install all Veeam MP for VMware back-end components on a single Management Server. This scenario offers a simplified installation procedure using the unified installer, and is suitable for environments of up to approximately 100 vSphere hosts.

For details, see Single-Server Installation.

  • Collector-only installation scenario implies that the VE Service and Veeam UI have been already installed on another server. This scenario allows you to install the Veeam VMware Collector service only.

For details, see Collector-Only Installation.

Before You Begin

Before you install Veeam MP for VMware, do the following:

  1. Make sure that your environment meets the prerequisite conditions described in the System Requirements section.
  2. Download the Veeam MP for VMware product installation VES_9.0.iso file from the Veeam downloads page. You can burn the downloaded .iso image file to a CD/DVD or mount the installation image to the target machine using disk image emulation software.
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