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Veeam ONE 9.5
Business View User Guide

About Veeam ONE Business View

Veeam ONE Business View — a part of an integrated Veeam ONE solution — allows you to categorize the virtual environment and display the VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual infrastructure from the business standpoint. With Veeam ONE Business View, you can gain business insight across numerous virtual infrastructure management servers and hosts.

While VMware vSphere Client, SCVMM and Failover Cluster Manager present the virtual infrastructure hierarchy from a technical perspective (clusters, hosts, VMs, storages, networks and so on), Veeam ONE Business View builds a different categorization model — it presents data about VMs, hosts, storages and clusters in business terms, as they are categorized in your virtual infrastructure. An insight from the business perspective allows you to control, analyze and plan constantly developing and changing virtual environment.

Integration with Veeam ONE Monitor and Veeam ONE Reporter

Veeam ONE Business View is primarily designed for integration with applications that focus on virtual infrastructure management. In particular, Veeam ONE Business View allows Veeam ONE Monitor and Veeam ONE Reporter to take advantage of business categorization.

Veeam ONE Monitor and Veeam ONE Reporter use categorization data from Veeam ONE Business View to build a business hierarchy of virtual infrastructure objects. You can monitor and report on the virtual infrastructure presented from the business perspective — that is, based on your company needs and priorities.

  • In Veeam ONE Reporter, you can generate reports and build dashboards for Veeam ONE Business View groups of VMs, hosts, clusters and storage objects.
  • In Veeam ONE Monitor, you can monitor Veeam ONE Business View groups of VMs, hosts, clusters and storage objects.

For detailed information monitoring and reporting capabilities for Veeam ONE Business View groups, see Veeam ONE Business View Monitoring and Veeam ONE Business View Reporting.

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