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Veeam ONE 9.5
Business View User Guide

Getting Started

Before you configure Veeam ONE Business View and categorize virtual infrastructure objects, complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Connect virtual infrastructure servers in Veeam ONE Monitor.

For details, see Connecting Servers.

  1. Wait for data collection to complete, or run data collection manually in Veeam ONE Reporter.

For details, see Running Data Collection Manually.

  1. Make sure you have Veeam ONE Administrator privileges and can access the Configuration section in Veeam ONE Business View.

For details on Veeam ONE security groups, see Security Groups.

To get started with Veeam ONE Business View:

  1. Configure the categorization model.

Before categorizing virtual infrastructure objects, create categories, add static or dynamic groups within every category, and optionally configure categorization rules.

  1. Configure import and export settings.

Configure import and export settings if you plan to map tags to Veeam ONE Business View groups, or want to synchronize Veeam ONE Business View categorization values with data in other applications.

  1. Configure advanced options.

Review and change Veeam ONE Business View advanced options if necessary.

  1. Categorize virtual infrastructure objects.

Assign group values to virtual infrastructure objects that are not included in groups automatically (either with dynamic grouping or categorization rules).

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