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Creating and Managing Groups

After you create categories, you must create groups for every category. You can create static or dynamic groups.

  • Static groups include objects that you must explicitly administer. Adding an object to a static group or removing an object from a static group requires actions from the user side.

Objects in static groups do not necessarily share common attributes. For example, you can choose to include in a static group objects of different types — clusters, hosts, storage objects and virtual machines.  

You can include objects in static groups manually or automate population of static groups with categorization rules. For details, see Creating and Managing Categorization Rules.

  • Dynamic groups include objects that are administered automatically by Veeam ONE Business View. Dynamic groups are based on search expressions used to find objects that share common attributes.

When you specify an expression for dynamic groups, Veeam ONE Business View creates a set of groups, and includes matching virtual infrastructure objects into these groups. Adding an object to a dynamic group or removing an object from a dynamic group requires no actions from the user side, as object membership in these groups is updated automatically each time when data collection runs or when the search expression is updated.

For example, you can create an expression that will divide hosts into two groups by the CPU speed, using two criteria: CPU speed is above 1 GHz and CPU speed is below 1 GHz. Veeam ONE Business View will create two groups and distribute hosts among them.

Dynamic groups can include host, storage and VM objects only. You cannot use dynamic groups to categorize clusters.

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