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Veeam ONE 9.5
Deployment Guide

Installing Updates in Unattanded Mode

Veeam ONE Updates can be installed in the unattended mode.

To install a Veeam ONE Update, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the Update installation archive.
  2. Install the Update on the Veeam ONE server.

Step 2 is performed in the unattended mode. 

Step 1. Download Update Installation Archive

  1. Download the installation archive for the Veeam ONE Update from
  2. Extract the executable file from the downloaded archive.
  3. Save the extracted file locally on the backup server where you plan to install the update, or place it in a network shared folder.

Step 2. Install Update

To install the Veeam ONE Update, use the following command syntax:

%patch% [/silent] [/noreboot] [VM_ONE_SERVICEPASSWORD="<service_password>"]

The command has the following parameters:








Specifies a path to the Update installation file on the Veeam ONE server or in a network shared folder.



Sets the user interface level to “no”, which means no user interaction is needed during installation.



Suppresses reboot if reboot is required during the Veeam ONE Update installation.




This parameter must be used if you update Veeam ONE services.

Specifies a password for the service account under which the Veeam ONE services run and that is used to access Veeam ONE database.

Example: VM_ONE_SERVICEPASSWORD="p@ssw0rd"


Suppose you want to install the Veeam ONE Update with the following options:

The command to install the Veeam ONE Update will be the following:

C:\Temp\VeeamONE_9.5.0.3801_Update3.exe /silent /noreboot VM_ONE_SERVICEPASSWORD="p@ssw0rd"

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