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Veeam ONE 9.5
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Backup Billing (v8 only)

This report allows you to assess storage costs for the backup infrastructure and to track the consumption of storage by backup files.

Backup Billing (v8 only) Note:

The Backup Billing report is compatible with Veeam Backup & Replication version 8. To assess backup storage costs for other versions of Veeam Backup & Replication supported by Veeam ONE, use the Backup Billing report.

The report estimates storage resources required to store backups. The cost can be calculated based on the price of 1 GB or TB of consumed storage space or on the price of a single VM. If there is a repository that is more expensive than other ones, an administrator can also specify the price adjustment factor (or the multiplier) that characterizes the premium charged for access to the repository.

The report provides details on every backup job included into the report scope — date and time of job sessions, number of backed up VMs within a session, size of a restore point and total amount of gigabytes consumed by a restore point on the repository.

Backup Billing Report

Use Case

This report allows managed storage providers (MSP) to automatically generate billing statements for customers and to charge them for the consumed storage space.

The report can help administrators evaluate efficiency of the storage resources utilization.

Report Parameters

Scope: defines a list of backup repositories to be analyzed in the report.

Job Type: defines a job type that should be evaluated (Backup, Backup Copy or both).

Backup Job: defines a list of backup and backup copy jobs to include in the report.

Interval/Start Date - End Date: the interval for which the billing statement is required.

Price: defines a storage price for accommodating 1 GB/TB of backup files or a price for a single VM included in backup.

Customer: defines customer name to be displayed in the report output.

Billing Parameters - Repositories: defines the price adjustment factor that characterizes the benefit (and the expense) of using the preferred repository storage. The resulting cost is calculated by multiplying the basic rate by the repository multiplier.

This parameter is located in the Actions pane under the Billing Parameters section.

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