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Veeam Backup Files Growth (v8 only)

This report allows you to track how the size of backup files was changing during the specified time period, and identify jobs that consume the greatest amount of space on repositories.

Veeam Backup Files Growth (v8 only) Note:

The Veeam Backup Files Growth (v8 only) report is compatible with Veeam Backup & Replication version 8. To assess backup files growth for other versions of Veeam Backup & Replication supported by Veeam ONE, use the Veeam Backup Files Growth report.

The report provides detailed information on backup files stored on repositories.

  • Top 10 Jobs by Largest Backup File Size table shows 10 jobs that produced the greatest amount of backup data during the reporting period.
  • Details section displays information on repository space usage. For each repository, the report provides a chart that illustrates the repository capacity and the amount of free space left, as well as information about restore points that were created during the reporting period, including backup file type, date and time when the file was created, restore point size and number of VMs included in the restore point.

Click the number of VMs to drill down to the list of VMs included in the restore point.

Veeam Backup Files Growth
Veeam Backup Files Growth

Use Case

This report is useful for capacity planning purposes. The report allows you to assess historical growth of backup files and — in case backup files grow too fast — to decide whether to change job configuration to point it to another repository with larger capacity.

Report Parameters

Scope: defines a list of backup repositories to analyze in the report.

Backup Job: defines a list of backup jobs to include in the report.

Interval - Interval Type: defines the time period to analyze in the report.

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