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Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1
Administrator Guide for Enterprises

Managing Administrator Portal Users

By default, the only user that can access the Administrator Portal on behalf of an enterprise administrator is a Portal Administrator. Veeam Availability Console grants this role to:

  • Members of the Local Administrators user group on the machine where Veeam Availability Console is installed.
  • Members of the Veeam Backup Administrators group which includes:
    • Built-in administrator of the machine running the Veeam Cloud Connect server.
    • Users with the Veeam Backup Administrator role assigned in Veeam Backup & Replication on the Veeam Cloud Connect server.

By default, this role is assigned to the members of the local Administrators user group on the Veeam Cloud Connect server.

To allow other users work with the Veeam Availability Console Administrator Portal, you can assign them the following roles:

  • Portal Administratorcan perform all administrative activities in Veeam Availability Console including: performing portal configuration, creating and managing department accounts, managing chargeback templates and chargeback reports, accessing data of all managed client departments, and so on.

To learn how to create and manage Portal Administrators, see Managing Portal Administrators.

  • Portal Operator – can perform all kinds of management tasks for departments in the access scope.

To learn how to create and manage Portal Operators, see Managing Portal Operators.

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