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Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1
Administrator Guide for Enterprises

Step 3. Specify User Credentials

At the User Info step of the wizard, specify the following settings:

  1. In the Username and Password fields, specify user credentials of a Department Owner.

Department users will use these credentials to connect to the service provider in Veeam Backup & Replication and access the Veeam Availability Console Client Portal. For more details on the Department Owner, see Managing Department Owner.

The user name must meet requirements to a Veeam Cloud Connect tenant name. For more details, see Registering Tenant Accounts.

  1. To limit the period during which the department can access allocated Veeam Cloud Connect resources, select the Disable account automatically on check box and specify a date when the lease period must terminate.

Lease settings apply to quotas on all cloud resources allocated to the department.

If you do not enable the lease expiration option, the department will be able to use cloud resources for an indefinite period of time.

  1. In the Description field, add description for the department account.

Create Department Account

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