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Evaluator's Guide for Enterprises

Step 2. Register Account for Managed Department

You must register an account for each client department to which you will provide managed backup services. A department account stores client details and information about a chargeback template assigned to a department.

In this scenario, you will create a client department and assign to it a chargeback template created at the previous stage.

To create an account for a managed department:

  1. At the top left corner, click Exit Configuration.
  2. In the menu on the left, under Clients click Departments.
  3. Click New.
  4. At the Department Info step of the wizard, specify the department name and contact details.

In this scenario, the department name is Client Department.

The email address you specify at this step will be used for communication with users within the department. At this address, Veeam Availability Console will send email notifications intended for the department. For evaluation purposes, specify in this field an email address that belongs to you, so that you can check notifications sent from Veeam Availability Console.

Specify Department Info

  1. At the User Info step of the wizard, type user credentials.

The account you create at this step is called a Department Owner account. Client users will use this account to connect to Veeam Availability Console.

Specify Department Credentials

  1. At the Chargeback step of the wizard, select the chargeback template that you created at the previous step.

The department will be charged in accordance with this chargeback template.

Assign Chargeback Template

  1. At the Summary step of the wizard, select the Send registration email to the primary and secondary contacts for this department when I click Finish check box.

Review Department Settings

  1. After you click Finish, Veeam Availability Console will send a welcome email notification at the email address that you specified at the Department Info step.

This notification is intended for the client department and includes instructions for getting started with Veeam Availability Console. If you specified your email address for evaluation purposes, open your mail box and check how the notification looks like.

Check Registration Email Message

More Information

For more information about departments, see Managing Departments.

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