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Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1
Quick Start Guide for Enterprises

Step 1. Configure Chargeback Template

To calculate the cost of managed backup services provided to a department, you must create a chargeback template. A chargeback template acts as a price sheet: it describes how much you, as a service provider, will charge for each service, and includes additional details, such as the payment currency.

In this scenario, you will create a chargeback template and specify the following settings for it:

  • Charge rate for a managed VM protected with Veeam Backup & Replication: $10
  • Currency: USD

To create a chargeback template:

  1. Follow steps 1–5 as described in Configure Chargeback Template section.

If you have already ran through Scenario A. Centralized Management of Veeam Backup Agents, select the existing plan and click Edit.

Choose Currency

  1. At the Managed Backup step of the wizard, specify charge rates:
  • Managed VM: 10

Specify Managed Backup Rates

  1. Follow other steps of the wizard without changing any values.

More Information

For more information about charegback templates, see Managing Chargeback Templates.

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