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Veeam Availability Console 2.0
Migration Guide

Step 12. Reconfigure Alarm Rules

During migration, some custom alarms are not moved from Veeam Managed Backup Portal to Veeam Availability Console. If you customized settings of the following alarms in Veeam Managed Backup Portal, you must reconfigure them in Veeam Availability Console:

  • Job session state
  • Company cloud storage quota
  • Company data download quota
  • Company location cloud storage quota

Step 12. Reconfigure Alarm Rules Note:

Quota alarms must be reconfigured only if quotas were set in GB. If you set custom values in percent, you do not need to reconfigure these alarms as Veeam Availability Console Migration Tool will migrate them.

To learn how to customize alarm settings in Veeam Availability Console, see Modifying Alarm Settings for Service Providers or Modifying Alarm Settings for Enterprises.

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