Managing Resellers

Veeam Service Provider Console allows you to delegate management of client companies to resellers. A reseller is a small service provider who has no hardware resources to host client backups and replicas and acts as an intermediary between the root service provider and managed companies.

Resellers can perform all kinds of company management tasks, including:

  • Creating company accounts.
  • Deploying, configuring and managing of Veeam backup agents on client computers.
  • Managing Veeam Backup & Replication installations and jobs for a client company.
  • Charge client companies for consumed services.

All client companies managed by resellers are visible in the Administrator Portal. Users of a service provider remain able to manage clients of a reseller the same way as their own clients.

To delegate client management to a reseller in Veeam Service Provider Console, you must register a reseller account.

Each reseller that has a registered account in Veeam Service Provider Console can access the Reseller Portal to create new client companies, manage data protection jobs, generate invoices and so on. For details on Veeam Service Provider Console features available to reseller users, see Guide for Resellers.

In the Administrator Portal, you can perform the following operations with resellers: create new resellers, allocate quotas that client companies can use, delete resellers, disable and enable resellers.

Getting Started

For details on steps required for quick reseller deployment, see Scenario D. Managing Resellers of the Usage Scenarios for Service Providers.