Global Differences

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    This section describes substantial differences in resource representation of Veeam Service Provider Console REST API entities.

    Companies and Tenants

    In REST API v2, companies are represented in the /tenants collection as tenants configured in Veeam Cloud Connect.

    In REST API v3 each company exists as a Veeam Service Provider Console entity associated with a Veeam Cloud Connect tenant. Company data is broaden compared to REST API v2 and distributed between multiple resources that you can find in the Operation Refence section.

    Site Resources

    In REST API v2, a company is created directly on the Veeam Cloud Connect server as a tenant. In v3, company and tenant are separate entities that are connected with a site resource. Site resource is a logical entity containing parameters that are applied to a tenant created during company configuration.

    Site resources are configured separately after a company is created. For details on the operation that performs site resource creation for companies, see Create Company Site Resource.

    For a reseller, a site resource acts as a quota that limits number of managed companies and it is also configured separately using the operation described in the Create Reseller Site Resource section.