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Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1
RESTful API Reference

Veeam Cloud Connect Licenses

The /licensing/cloudconnectLicenses resource collection represents a collection of licenses of all Veeam Cloud Connect servers connected to Veeam Availability Console. The collection includes resources which represent individual licenses and have system IDs.

Collection URL


Collection Representation Veeam Cloud Connect Licenses



   "id": "514c45eb-9543-4799-8003-1e59385b774c",

   "contactPerson": "John Smith",

   "edition": "Enterprise Plus",

   "licensedTo": "Cloud Provider AG",

   "licenseType": "Rental",

   "status": "Valid",

   "supportID": "987412365",

   "licenseExpirationDate": "2018-10-24T21:00:00Z",

   "supportExpirationDate": "2018-10-24T21:00:00Z",

   "licensedVMs": 1000,

   "usedVMs": 0,

   "backupServerName": "VAC",

   "companyName": "My Company",

   "newVMs": 168,

   "licensedCloudconnectBackups": 501,

   "usedCloudconnectBackups": 213,

   "licensedCloudconnectReplicas": 502,

   "usedCloudconnectReplicas": 94,

   "licensedCloudconnectServers": 0,

   "usedCloudconnectServers": 0,

   "licensedCloudconnectWorkstations": 0,

   "usedCloudconnectWorkstations": 0,

   "_links": {

     "self": {

       "href": ""


     "backupServers": [


         "href": ""






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