Company vCD Resources

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    The /tenants/{ID}/vcdResources resource collection represents a collection of all company vCloud Director resources in Veeam Service Provider Console. The collection includes resources which represent individual vCD resources and have system IDs.

    Collection URL


    Collection Representation Company vCD Resources



       "dataCenterUid": "f178f57a-a997-4245-8bfc-ef0902cd4f9a",

       "isWanAccelerationEnabled": true,

       "wanAcceleratorUid": "e75db85f-1672-40bf-a693-f4c07d44baf9",

       "wanAcceleratorName": "Alpha_WAN"



       "dataCenterUid": "1bbef491-63ba-4410-b125-0c8d51bd31e1",

       "isWanAccelerationEnabled": false,

       "wanAcceleratorUid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",

       "wanAcceleratorName": null



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