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Veeam Availability Console 3.0
RESTful API Reference

Create a Reseller Replication Resource

You can add a reseller replication resource into Veeam Availability Console configuration.


To create a replication resource, send the POST HTTPS request to the URL of the /resellers/{ID}/replicaResources resource.

HTTP Request

POST https://<Availability-Console>:1281/v2/resellers/{ID}/replicaResources

Request Headers

The request header must contain the authorization token for the current logon session.

Request Body

In the request body, the client must send the properties for the replication resource that must be added to Veeam Availability Console. See the Properties section for the list of properties and their possible values.

The following properties are system and should not be sent in the request:

  • id
  • wanAcceleratorName


The server returns the following response to the client.

Response Code

A successfully completed operation returns response code 201 Created.

Response Headers

The response to this request contains the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTP headers.




The length of the response body.


The media type and syntax of the request body message: application/json; charset=utf-8

Response Body

In the response body, Veeam Availability Console returns a status and a message for an action.

Example Create a Reseller Replication Resource

The following example adds a new reseller replication resource into Veeam Availability Console configuration.


POST https://localhost:1281/v2/resellers/3/replicaResources


Request Header:

Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Bearer <Access-Token>


Request Body:


 "tenantsPerPlan": 5,

 "isWanAccelerationEnabled": true,

 "wanAcceleratorUid": "320b66e1-b0ba-4c3d-83b9-d275a50c1f26",

 "wanAcceleratorName": "Alpha_WA",

 "cloudConnectAgentUid": "5d828e03-52a1-4929-93b9-18a894f74bea"

 "cpuUsageLimitMhz": 3000

 "ramUsageLimitMb": 4000

 "storageGb": 400,

 "hardwarePlanId": "302c2e8a-e324-4f88-a8de-387268a2721e"



Response Code:


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