Format System Query Option ($format)

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    The $format System Query Option is used to return a response using the media type specified by the query option.

    The following table lists valid values for the $format query string option:

    $format Value

    Response Media Type







    Any other IANA-defined content type

    Any IANA-defined content type

    A service-specific value indicating a format specific to the specific OData service

    Any IANA-defined content type

    For example, to return the /Tenants collection in xml format, send the following request:

    GET https://<hostname>:1281/v2/tenants?$format=application/xml



    Note that the $format query option in a request URI takes precedence over the value specified in the Accept request header. That is, if you specify the application/json value in the Accept request header and the application/xml value in the $format query, REST API will return the response in the application/xml format.