Get Backup Policies

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    You can get a short representation of a collection of backup policies configured in Veeam Service Provider Console.


    To get a representation of all Veeam Service Provider Console backup policies, send the GET HTTPS request to the URL of the /backupPolicies collection.

    HTTPS Request

    GET https://<hostname>:1281/v2/backupPolicies

    Request Headers

    The request header must contain the authorization token.


    The server returns the following response to the client.

    Response Code

    A successfully completed operation returns response code 200 OK.

    Response Headers

    The response to this request contains the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTP headers.




    The length of the response body.


    The media type and syntax of the request body message: application/json; charset=utf-8

    Response Body

    In the response body, Veeam Service Provider Console returns a representation of the /backupPolicies collection.

    Example Get Backup Policies

    The following request returns a short representation of all backup policies configured in Veeam Service Provider Console.


    GET https://localhost:1281/v2/backupPolicies


    Request Header:

    Authorization: Bearer <Access-Token>


    Response Code:

    200 Success


    Response Body:



       "id": 1,

       "name": "Workstation: File level backup. Personal files. Local drive. Daily schedule.",

       "type": "Predefined",

       "tenantsCount": 8,

       "modifiedDate": "2017-10-18T05:47:59Z",

       "description": "This policy processes user profile folder including all user settings and data.",

       "osType": "Workstation",

       "createdBy": "My Company",

       "_links": {

         "self": {

           "href": ""





       "id": 2,

       "name": "Server: Entire computer. Microsoft Exchange Server. Cloud backup. Daily schedule.",

       "type": "Predefined",

       "tenantsCount": 6,

       "modifiedDate": "2017-10-18T05:47:59Z",

       "description": "This policy should be used if you want to create a backup of the entire computer image.  When you restore data from such backup, you will be able to recover the entire computer  image as well as data on specific computer volumes: files, folders, application data and so on.",

       "osType": "Server",

       "createdBy": "My Company",

       "_links": {

         "self": {

           "href": ""